Let’sConnect interviews at Engage  

By Wannes Rams | 5/31/22 9:59 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Let’sConnect’s Jan Valdman and Wannes Rams visited the Engage user group event in Bruges last week, our face to face conference in over 2 years. It was a great event with over 300 attendees. You can find the interviews on our Youtube channel

Let’s Connect Virtual event Q&A published  

By Wannes Rams | 10/5/20 5:33 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Matteo Bisi

Some more feedback from our virtual event earlier this week. We had a lot of questions from the audience ( thank you for your engaged participation) and we had most of them answered by our amazing HCL panelists. Posting a recap of them here.

IBM Think 2018, my thoughts  

By Wannes Rams | 3/27/18 7:03 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

Back from Vegas a couple of days now, adjusted to the time difference and Summer time (almost). Time to reflect on the week I spent at Think. Was it worth it? did I learn new cool things? Did I got reunited with friends I had not seen in a while? Did I meet new friends? But most importantly, did I get the vibe? You know, that sparkle that makes you smile again, the winding up of an old school alarm clock, enough turns to rock a full year, the one that gives you the energy to pull of big projects, take on new things…