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Open org.openntf.domino.oda. This plugin holds the OpenNTF Domino API files. Because there are manual steps for other plugins and because you may wish to load in more recent builds, the OpenNTF Domino API files are not included in the CrossWorlds installation. Also, source control doesn't synchronise empty folders.

To resolve the folder issue, all that is required is to right-click on org.openntf.domino.oda and select File > New > Folder. Name the folder src.

For copy in the required OpenNTF Domino API files there is an ANT build task, so it is just a case of adding the configuration and running the ANT task.

Open the file. There are two variables that need setting:

  • org.openntf.updatesitedir is the folder containing the plugins folder
  • oda.buildver is the timestamp of the main OpenNTF Domino APIs plugins, e.g. org.openntf.domino.formula.

Download the OpenNTF Domino API, which you may already have installed on the server or in Notes Client for XPages development. Extract the contents and update the variables in, accordingly. Note: the oda.updatesitedir variable needs forward slashes in the folder path instead of back slashes.

You will now be ready to run the ANT task, build.xml. Right-click on it and select Run As > Ant Build....

Ensure the JRE (on JRE tab) is greater than JRE1.6 or the ANT build will fail. Then click OK. If it still fails, check the variables in the file, ensuring the folder location uses forward slashes. Once completed, select org.openntf.xworlds.oda and press F5 to refresh the files. The files should appear in the BundleContent folder and again at the top level.

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