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The following fixes are available to be set.


This no longer seems to be in use.


This extension allows developers to use Document.replaceItemValue(String, null) to remove the Item


Extends the use of DbDirectory.createDatabase(String) to return the existing Database object for the specified path or create a new database at the specified path and return the Database object relating to that.


Normal behaviour is to remove the first Item with the specified name. This switch removes all Items with the specified name.


Normal use of Document.appendItemValue() appends a new item of the same name with the new value.
This switch changes the behaviour to work in a more intuitive manner, appending the value to the existing Item.


Ensures any method accessing view entries calls View.setAutoUpdate(false) before doing anything.


See Tommy Valand''s blog post. This method ensures Java dates are always returned when interacting with Document Items or ViewEntry column values.


Just writes a warning to the console if Items are accessed while MIME Items are still open. This fix has been downgraded from blocking to just warning against access


Normal behaviour of Database.getDocumentByUNID() is to throw an error if the UNID cannot be found. With this fix, that method will now just return a null object and suppress the error.


Ensures ViewColumn.getColumnValuesIndex() and ViewColumn.getColumnValuesIndex() include view columns whose value is a constant value rather than a field value or result of an @formula.


Uses org.openntf.domino.impl.NameODA class whenever methods would normally use lotus.domino.Name. This class can be stored in Java obejcts and uses String manipulation to convert between formats.


Instructs the automatic garbage collector to maintain an internal tracker for C++ backend-object IDs and only recycle when no further references remain (causes a performance hit).
NOTE: This fix is not auto-enabled with "khan" mode in XPages


Hex values such as replicaid, unid and noteid are forced to lower case before being returned. By default string comparisons are case-sensitive, so comparing may be problematic. This will workaround that problem.


This is designed to prevent using getNthDocument() which has performance impacts. However, XPages repeat controls need to use this when passing a DocumentCollection as the source. As a result, this fix is not auto-enabled with "khan" mode in XPages.

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