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Version 2.1.0 includes an HTTPServiceFactory and the functionality to add a sceduled task. However, this is not enabled by default.

In the plugin's plugin.xml there is an extension to to add a service factory. It points to a class called HttpServiceFactory in the plugin's package ending "httpService" (the full package name will vary depending on what you call your plugin). If you open that class you will see the steps to enable the HttpService:

  1. Uncomment the lines near the bottom of the class. The first line of the comment declares the HttpService array variable ret with a size of 1, so you will need to delete the line that declares it with a size of 0.
  2. In the HttpService class, uncomment the line in the checkTimeout{} method. That's commented out currently as an extra safety-net.
  3. The start() method of the ScheduledTask Xots tasklet calls the trySchedule{} method. This creates a PeriodicScheduler to determine how frequently the tasklet should run and when it should start. This will probably need amending. It then schedules the tasklet
  4. Amend the run() method to do what you need to, just like in a normal Xots tasklet.

The HTTPService then gets loaded when HTTP starts. The getPriority() method determines what priority each HTTPService has within the runtime. The checkTimeout method of each HTTPService then runs every 30 seconds. The part that will be uncommented is ScheduledTask.getInstance().start();. This ensure only one instance of the ScheduledTask class is instantiated and the start() method checks whether it's already been started, so ensures the tasklet is only added to Xots once (this happens in the trySchedule() method).

The trySchedule method creates a PeriodicScheduler with a setting to run daily with no initial delay. But the eventStart of the scheduler is set to 4am the next morning. So this tasklet will not run until 4am the next day and then daily at 4am. If you wanted it to not run at weekends, you could set an eventEnd and then, on the last run, schedule the tasklet with a new eventStart of Monday morning and a subsequent eventEnd. (If possible, I think it would be better to update the schedule for the current tasklet. But I'm not sure if that's possible. Otherwise the tasklet may sit SLEEPING after the eventEnd.)

Once added to Xots, the run() method gets triggered. You just need to add your code into that method.

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