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If you're using ODA from XPages, follow these steps (updated as of version 4.0.0).

Check Version

With the release of Feature Packs (starting FP8), core Domino Java APIs changed. As a result, ODA 3.x is designed for Domino 9.0.1 versions up to FP7. ODA 4.x is designed for Domino 9.0.1 FP8. Please check release notes, this wiki and OpenNTF project.

3.x Prerequisites

Domino Designer and Domino Server 9.0.1 minimum.

XPages Extension Library 9.0.1_v00_17 minimum.

4.x Prerequisites

Domino Designer and Domino Server 9.0.1 FP8 minimum.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download ODA from OpenNTF (not nonxsp release).
  2. Install the plugin on the server (follow steps for XPages Extension Library).
  3. Install the plugin in Domino Designer.
  4. Enable the library in your application in Xsp Properties > Page Generation tab > XPage Libraries.
  5. In Xsp Properties, Source tab add the required flags, e.g.

    What Are The Flags?

    See the demo database for up-to-date details of the flags available. As of 3.1.0 the flags are:

    • godmode - Overrides the XPages session and database objects, converting the lotus.domino objects to their org.openntf.domino counterparts. If the switch is not enabled, the org.openntf.domino counterparts are loaded in addition to the lotus.domino objects, as opensession and opendatabase
    • khan - Turns on all "improvements" like forcing setAutoUpdate(false) for all view actions.
    • marcel - Auto-handles converting session to handle MIME where appropriate.The core API does not enforce setting  Session.setConvertMIME() when handling MIME items and unsetting it once complete, but failing to do so can cause problems, e.g. accessing two different MIME items at once can cause a JRE and server crash.
    • raid - Turns on debug level messages.
    • bubbleexceptions - Pushes ODA errors up to application-level error handling. Otherwise ODA handles the error internally, logging out and avoiding application-level errors as far as possible.
    • automimenone - Does not automatic conversion of Items to MIME. By default, if 32k limit on a field is hit or any other exception is hit, the Item will be converted to MIME.
    • automime32k - Only does automatic conversion of Items to MIME if 32k limit is hit. By default, if 32k limit on a field is hit or any other exception is hit, the Item will be converted to MIME.

    Godmode is recommended for new applications. It should not have negative impacts for existing applications, as long as all recycle() calls are removed, but testing is strongly recommended. Khan is strongly recommended.

  6. Start coding!



DDE Local Preview

ODA has not been tested with Domino Designer local preview. Where possible, use against a Domino server.


Additional core API methods are auto-enabled for SSJS (via Java reflection). However, a very small number of methods may not work because of inconsistencies between mapping SSJS parameter types and Java parameter types.



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  1. Step #3 is lacking some needed steps itself.


    from Designer - File/Application Install

    Select Install Zip

    Navigate to the in the API downloaded from OpenNTF

    Keep hitting next and Accept License agreement.