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The ODA REST Service is accessed via a URL and will return a JSON representation of your request.

The Base URL is: http://<server>/api/oda

3 functional areas: frames/frame/, and command/

The frames area is for querying sets of Graph elements, typically by type or key values.

The frame area is for querying the Graph from a specific starting element, almost always a Vertex.

The command area is for initiating processes such as the forensics scan.

Once you've selected a functional area for the request, you then specify which Graph you're addressing. This is the name you gave your graph when you first configured it.

If your graph was named "foo", you would use the following URLs...

http://<server>/api/oda/frames/foo, http://<server>/api/oda/frame/foo, http://<server>/api/oda/command/foo

Once you know what area and Graph name you're addressing, you then use query parameters to specify more details.

A successful request will return a status of 2xx. Error status will be 4xx or 5xx. The error with stack trace should be returned in a JSON object which you can then use to format an error message.