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This requires Maven to be installed on the PC. This is by far the easiest way to get up and running.

  1. Download or clone the Git repository from OpenNTF's Stash. You can use the menu options in the left-hand sidebar. Cloning the repo via e.g. SourceTree will enable you to pull down any updates.
  2. Open up a command line prompt and change directories to the "maven-archetype" folder of your local repository.
  3. Issue the mvn install command. This will install the archetype in your local Maven repository.
  4. Create a folder into which to create an instance of the archetype.
  5. Issue the mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local command. This will search your local repository for any Maven archetypes from which to generate a project.
  6. Choose the number of the org.openntf.domino.demoServlet:parent-archetype archetype.
  7. Define the relevant properties for your new Maven project (see above for explanation), e.g.

        groupId: com.paulwithers.myServlet
        artifactId: myServlet
        version: 0.0.5
        package: com.paulwithers.myServlet
        contextRoot: myServletPathInURL
        odaVersion: 3.2.1
        url-pattern: /rest/*
  8. Change directory to the parent directory.
  9. Issue the mvn install command to build the plugin and update site. The full update site project will be in a zip file in "update/target/", ready to be installed on the server.
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