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The ODA Starter servlet is a sample REST servlet plugin project using OpenNTF Domino API that can be used as a template for creating a REST service.

Implementing REST

There are two ways of implementing a REST service on Domino:

  1. Extend the endpoint. This points to a class extending and the "path" variable needs to be registered in the server document, as with other DAS services.
  2. Extend the endpoint. This defines a "contextRoot" variable which is the path the REST service is accessible from (either within the context of an NSF or just at server-level) and a "contentLocation" variable which is the folder where the web.xml file resides. This doesn't need to be registered in the server document and works as a standard Java EE application.

Option 1 is used by the plugin in the main OpenNTF Domino API repository and project.
Option 2 is what this sample is using.

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