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If you have a local Domino server, you can run plugins directly from Eclipse using a pde launch configuration.

  1. Click on the "bug" icon and choose "Debug configurations...".

  2. Right-click on the OSGi Framework section in the left window and choose "New".
  3. Change "Framework" to "Domino OSGi Framework".
  4. Change "Default Auto-Start" to "false".
  5. Deselect the "Target Platform" category, so nothing beneath it is selected.
  6. Click "Apply" and "Debug". Any new plugins will automatically get added, but you will need to go back into the debug configuration and click "Debug" again for the server to pick them up.
  7. The server directory and data directory will get picked up from XPages SDK configuration in the dialog box that gets presented. Click OK. You may get warned about missing constraints. This is just because those plugins aren't in the area defined in the Target Platform configuration.

    Dependent Plugins

    The plugins will get installed from Eclipse before any from Update Site databases. Therefore your Eclipse-based plugins cannot depend on anything that's only loaded from an Update Site. There are two options:

    1. Import the source code for the dependencies into Eclipse as well.
    2. Add the features and plugins physically into the server directories (recommendation is <Domino>\data\domino\workspace\application\eclipse). Back up copies, because upgrades of the server may remove them.
  8. Issue the restart task http command on the server to load the plugin. You will need to do this for any changes, unless using JRebel (see Cameron Gregor's blog posts).
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