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  1.  If not using FP8, install Java 8 SDK (download from  Oracle website). Maven 3.3 requires a Java SDK higher than 1.6.
  2. Dowload and install Git. The standard Git download is sufficient
  3. Download and install Maven, to allow Maven to be run from the command line instead of / as well as Eclipse
  4. Complete the steps in Setting Up Development Environment
  5. Go to Maven > User Settings, open (or create) the user settings file, settings.xml
    Add the content below, amending the file location to match where you extracted the file to:


    This declares variable, "notes-platform", for where to find the Domino-related OSGi bundles required for a Maven build, and "notes-platform-oda", for where to find the ODA OSGi bundles. Individual Maven projects can also use this in their configuration ( pom.xml) files to avoid locations being hard-coded.

  6. In the repositories element, add the following repositories:


    This tells Maven to use OpenNTF's artifactory repository (which includes all versions of ODA) from which Maven can download the basic jar files. It also tells it to use the "notes-platform" and "notes-platform-oda" variables we just declared in order to find the Notes and ODA plugins and bundles. Although the jars can be downloaded, it doesn't download the OSGi plugins in a format that can be used for Tycho compilation.


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