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Xots (XPages OSGi Tasklet Service) is one of the most powerful aspects of ODA. It is heavily used for the EMBridgeMessageQueue functionality. It is key to speeding up heavy-duty tasks, flexible reporting over large datasets, and minimising impact on users of long-running processes. It is designed to enable these tasks to be coded within the application and re-use existing logic as far as possible without needing to duplicate code.

The Xots service should be started automatically by the platform's implementation of ODA and you can access it via Xots.getService(). From there you can call submit(Runnable) or submit(Callable) to register and trigger a Xots tasklet to the service. See the sub-pages for examples and information about creating the tasklet classes.

Limitations (as of 4.2.0)

  • Scheduler is not yet implemented
  • TRUSTED session type is not yet implemented
  • The invokeAll() method doesn't work. Use submit() instead.
  • XPages scoped variables / application-specific objects will be passed into the Xots class via the XotsContext if you extend the relevant Xsp interface. See examples for more details.
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