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Confluence is where teams collaborate and share knowledge — create, share and discuss your files, ideas, minutes, specs, mockups, diagrams, and projects.

To share content you will need to log on with your OpenNTF credentials. If you have not yet registered to OpenNTF, you can do so on the OpenNTF registration page.

Be sure to join OpenNTF on Slack by clicking on the icon below. Lookout for the Slack "xpages-knowledge-base" channel if you are interested in contributing.

Recently Updated

New: Community Guides

Updated December 2020

This page hosts a set of guides that have been authored by our awesome community. These guides range from technical installation and configuration instructions to programming best practices. Each guide includes the name of the community member(s) who have contributed it. You are welcome to offer feedback and questions, and you can contribute to new versions too.

New (December 2020): HCL Domino SSO with AzureAD contributed by Kris de Bisschop

New (November 2020): Installation of Docker on Domino contributed by Roberto Boccadoro

New (November 2020): Step by step installation of HCL Sametime Meetings V11.5 contributed by ALEŠ LICHTENBERG


XPages Knowledge Base Listing

  • Space Category
A category is used to group together a list of spaces.You can display a category's spaces by selecting a category from below:
View Spaces with Category:
Space: Darwino
Space: Watson Work Services API Java SDK
How to use the Watson Work Services SDK for Java, which is designed to avoid the need for manually creating REST calls a…
Space: XPages OpenLog Logger

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