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The current queries for Watson Work Services can be interactively interrogated via the GraphiQL in-browser IDE. The diagram below display the current queries supported.

QueryRoot is the entry point. A query includes one or more queries. A query is a JSON object which is

  • prefixed by the keyword "query" and an arbitrary operation name
  • declares the relevant service name (e.g. "me"), which can take
    • arguments (or attributes of the query)
    • a pagination object with relevant fields (if returning a collection)
    • a set of fields and/or children (which will also have fields and/or children etc etc) to be returned by the query.

A query can also include variables, which will be defined as a separate HashMap of the GraphQL request. This is technically supported by the SDK - they can be added to the GraphQLRequest object - but in practice, because the SDK provides builders, the expectation is that any variables will be passed as attributes for the builder.


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