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WWAPI-9 Added Focus endpoint to pass text to Watson Work Services for analysis against focus lenses

WWAPI-11 Re-authenticating requests

WWAPI-14 Added updatedSince as filter for Spaces query

WWAPI-15, WWAPI-16, WWAPI-17, WWAPI-18, WWAPI-19, WWAPI-23, WWAPI-24 Added “mentioned” to GraphQL queries

WWAPI-30, WWAPI-32, WWAPI-36 Added addSpaceMembers mutation

WWAPI-31 Added ibmUniqueID property to Person

WWAPI-34, WWAPI-36 Added removeSpaceMembers mutation

WWAPI-37 BREAKING CHANGE membersUpdated property in space should be a date not a string

WWAPI-38 BREAKING CHANGE Changed TokenScope extraction to be an array

WWAPI-39 Added methods to be able to access PageInfo objects in queries


WWAPI-12 Ability to pass multiple query objects in a single request, supporting aliases

WWAPI-10 Support for Photo REST endpoint

WWAPI-13 Support for Files endpoint


Mutations have been added, fully implementing all current GraphQL mutations:

  • createSpace
  • updateSpace
  • deleteSpace

Some refactoring of core code has taken place as a result. All previous tests continue to run successfully.


Authentication and authorization as an application or a user has been added.

All GraphQL query functions have been implemented.

The REST endpoint for posting a message has been implemented.


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