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Creating a Space can only be done when authenticated as a user, it cannot be done when authenticated as an application.

The "createSpace" mutation creates a new Space.The new space requires at least a title.

The has simple static helper methods to create a space with just a title, buildCreateSpaceMutationWithSpaceTitle(String), or with a title and members, buildCreateSpaceMutationWithSpaceTitleAndMembers(String, List<String>). Similar methods are also available from WWClient and WWGraphQLEndpoint. These will just return a Space object with the space id as their result.

For greater control, create the InputDataSenderBuilder and ObjectDataSenderBuilder manually. Create an InputDataSenderBuilder for the Space.CREATE_SPACE_MUTATION_NAME object, adding the Space title and the members you wish to assign access for the Space. A CreateSpaceFields enum is available to avoid typos. Create an ObjectDataSenderBuilder for the Space.ONE_SPACE_QUERY_OBJECT_NAME object, passing in Space fields and children. Instantiate a new SpaceCreateGraphQLMutation passing in the InputDataSenderBuilder and ObjectDataSenderBuilder as parameters. Then pass this to WWClient.createSpaceWithQuery().


Basic createSpace
Space space = client.createSpace("Hello World");
assert null != space.getId();
basic createSpace with members
ArrayList<String> members = new ArrayList<String>();
Space space = client.createSpace("Hello World", members);
assert null != space.getId();
ArrayList<String> members = new ArrayList<String>();
InputDataSenderBuilder spaceInput = new InputDataSenderBuilder(Space.CREATE_SPACE_MUTATION_NAME);
spaceInput.addField(CreateSpaceFields.TITLE, title);
spaceInput.addField(CreateSpaceFields.MEMBERS, members);
ObjectDataSenderBuilder returnObject = new ObjectDataSenderBuilder(Space.ONE_SPACE_QUERY_OBJECT_NAME);
SpaceCreateGraphQLMutation mutationObject = new SpaceCreateGraphQLMutation(spaceInput, returnObject);

Space spaceResult = client.createSpaceWithQuery(mutationObject);
assert null != space.getTitle();


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