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The "message" query returns a specific Message. The query requires a mandatory attribute for the id of the Message to retrieve.

The class has a simple static helper method, buildMessageGraphQueryWithMessageId(String). Similar methods are also available from WWClient and WWGraphQLEndpoint.

For greater control, create an ObjectDataSenderBuilder for the Message.ONE_MESSAGE_QUERY_OBJECT_NAME object, adding the Message id attribute, passing in Message fields and children. Instantiate a new MessageGraphQLQuery passing in the ObjectDataSenderBuilder as the parameter. Then pass this to WWClient.getMessageWithQuery().


Basic getMessage
    Message message = client.getMessageById(messageId);
    assert (!"".equals(message.getContentType()));
    ObjectDataSenderBuilder query = new ObjectDataSenderBuilder();
    query.addAttribute(MessageAttributes.ID, messageId);
    Message message = client.getMessageWithQuery(new MessageGraphQLQuery(query));


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