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XPages OpenLog Logger

XPages OpenLog Logger is an XPages implementation and extension of the popular OpenLog project by Julian Robichaux. It began as a single Java class in XPages Help Application, but has been subsequently extracted and significantly enhanced. The project just includes logging code. It still requires the Open Log database itself which can be downloaded from the OpenLog Project.

XPages OpenLog Logger is available in various ways:

  • The Java classes and configuration can be copied into an existing NSF.
  • The OSGi plugin can be installed into an Update Site database on the Domino server.
  • If you are using the OpenNTF Domino API, that project already includes the code.

Using the OpenNTF Domino API is most highly recommended, because of the huge slew of enhancements it provides for all aspects of the development process. Otherwise, the OSGi plugin is the better option. Copying and pasting Java class and configuration across multiple database will make upgrades and fixes harder.

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