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Full details of enhancements / fixes included in M2 can be found in the GitHub project:

#1 Fix for SSJS errors if EL object does not exist.

#2 Add SSJS errors automatically to facesMessage. The method can be used from Java as well – OpenLogItem.addFacesMessage(String, String). A property org.openlog.displayError=false can be used to suppress this.

#3 Add property to hold a generic error message – xsp.openlog.genericErrorMessage. The message will only be logged once per request from SSJS. This uses OpenLogItem.addFacesMessage(String, String), so Java calls can also use that method.

#4 Add code from org.openntf.domino to prevent infinite loops. The infinite loop should only happen if current database or current session is null, so should not occur in NSF version. But the check has been added for safety.

#5 Ensure generic error message is only logged once per request.