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Alternatively, the functionality is also available as an OSGi plugin. Just import the into an Update Site database on your server and issue a restart task http command to the server. The steps are exactly the same as installing the Extension Library.

In Designer select File > Application > Install. Choose Search for new features to install, adding the same Update Site as a zip/jar location. Again, the same steps as installing the Extension Library.

In each NSF, in Application Properties on the Advanced tab (Designer 8.5) or Xsp Properties on the Page Generation tab (Designer 9.0) enable the com.paulwithers.openLog.library.StarterLibrary extension library. (There are no components provided by the library, so the library cannot be automatically added).

If using for XPiNC, users will also need to install the library. The recommended method is via a Widget Catalog. Follow Chapter 2 of XPages Extension Library book for full details.

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