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Use this strategy to select document from the view by key. The view will be searched by the first sorted column.

Allowed method

  • GET
  • POST


  • databaseName(String databaseName): name of the database to read data from, use "server!!path/database.nsf" format; when omitted, current database is used
  • viewName(String viewName): name of the view; mandatory
  • keyVariableName(String keyVariableName): name of the variable name in route to read value from; mandatory
  • formName(String formName): name of the Form used when creating new document via @new


Let's assume our database has view called (ByTopic), that contains first sorted column displaying Topic field.

Notice the {keyValue} part of the first line bellow. This is placeholder for where SmartNSF expects to read parameter value for keyVariableName from, see line 4.

router.GET('topics/key/{keyValue}') {
   mapJson 'id', json:'id', type:'STRING', isformula:true, formula:'@DocumentUniqueID'
   mapJson 'date_created', json:'date_created', type:'DATETIME', isformula:true, formula:'@Created'
   mapJson 'topic', json:'topic', type:'STRING'
   mapJson 'author', json:'author', type:'STRING', isformula:true, formula:'@Name([CN]; @Author)'


With route defined above, URL will return first document from view (ByTopic) with field Topic "test".


For example, we'll get this JSON:

 "author":"Martin Jinoch",
POST method
Creating new document

WIth route defined below, you can create new document by POSTing to URL

router.POST('topics/key/{keyValue}') {
   mapJson 'id', json:'id', type:'STRING', isformula:true, formula:'@DocumentUniqueID', readonly:true
   mapJson 'date_created', json:'date_created', type:'DATETIME', isformula:true, formula:'@Created', readonly:true
   mapJson 'topic', json:'topic', type:'STRING'
   mapJson "body", json:'content', type:'MIME'
   mapJson 'categories', json:'categories', type:'ARRAY_OF_STRING', writeonly:true
   mapJson "author", json:'author', type:'STRING', isformula:true, formula:'@Name([CN]; From)', readonly:true