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  1. Download or clone the Git repository from OpenNTF's Stash. You can use the menu options in the left-hand sidebar. Cloning the repo via e.g. SourceTree will enable you to pull down any updates.
  2. Open up a command line prompt and change directories to the "maven-archetype" folder of your local repository.
  3. Issue the mvn install command. This will install the archetype in your local Maven repository.
  4. Create a folder into which to create an instance of the archetype.
  5. Issue the mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local command. This will search your local repository for any Maven archetypes from which to generate a project.
  6. Choose the number of the org.openntf.domino.demoServlet:parent-archetype archetype.
  7. Define the relevant properties for your new Maven project (see above for explanation), e.g.

    Code Block
        groupId: com.paulwithers.myServlet
        artifactId: myServlet
        version: 0.0.5
        package: com.paulwithers.myServlet
        contextRoot: myServletPathInURL
        odaVersion: 3.2.1
        url-pattern: /rest/*
  8. Change directory to the parent directory.
  9. Issue the mvn install command to build the plugin and update site. The full update site project will be in a zip file in "update/target/", ready to be installed on the server.