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With XPages, you don't need to worry about setting up ODA configuration for each thread. We do that for you, based on the XSP Properties you set (see How To Use in XPages).

Otherwise, you'll ned to call Factory.initThread(ThreadConfig), passing the relevant ThreadConfig you want. There are two ouot-of-the-box ThreadConfigs enabled:


Strict enables all fixes, applies the AutoMime settings WRAP_32k and bubbles up all exceptions to your application. This is the configuration CrossWorlds uses.


Strict enables all fixes, applies the AutoMime settings WRAP_ALL, and suppresses bubbling up exceptions to your application.

Setup Your Own Thread Config

If you wish to manually configure the configurations, the ThreadConfig constructor takes three parameters:

  1. An array of Fixes
  2. An AutoMime setting using one of the org.openntf.domino.AutoMime enum values
  3. a boolean for whether or not to bubble exceptions