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titleArchitecture Explanation

extension\lib will hold any custom features that can be enabled on the server. In this case, we'll add the CrossWorlds feature here.

apps will hold war.xml files for the applications running on the server.

logs folder will get added at the same hierarchy as apps once the server starts running. This is where log and trace files get created. holds variables to be loaded at runtime.

server.env holds environment variables for the server to use.

server.xml holds all the server configuration. This includes enabled features, HTTP Endpoint ports and hostname. A GUI editor allows you to add additional configurations, like Logging settings.

For further details, see Websphere Liberty documentation or check out questions on developerWorks or StackOverflow.


A server.env file may already have been created. If not, in the Servers view, right-click the server and choose New > Server Environment File > server.env. Open the file and add a line PATH=C:\Program Files\IBM\Domino, where the path maps to your Domino or Notes install.


titleDeveloper Name?

How does sessionAsSigner work in XPages? How does it run as the user without knowing the password for the ID file? OpenNTF Domino API uses the same functionality to create a session using a specific username. This also means the username doesn't need to exist in a Domino Directory or LDAP directory. But because the username can be hierarchical, this means you can leverage full Domino ACL security by adding a specific OU to the username. Typically in production the application itself will manage authentication in some manner, then pass the username across to Domino. See the signIn method from my app for IBM Connect 2016, which calls CurrentUser.set() to register the generated username with the CrossWorlds SecurityManager.


Finally, edit the server.xml. Click on Feature Manager and it will open the features enabled on the server. Add the ones listed below.