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The "conversation" query returns a specific Conversation. The query requires a mandatory attribute for the id of the Conversation to retrieve.

The class has a simple static helper method, buildStandardConversationQueryById(String). Similar methods are also available from WWClient and WWGraphQLEndpoint.

For greater control, create an ObjectDataSenderBuilder for the Conversation.CONVERSATION_QUERY_OBJECT_NAME object, adding the Conversation id attribute, passing in Conversation fields and children. Instantiate a new ConversationGraphQLQuery passing in the ObjectDataSenderBuilder as the parameter. Then pass this to WWClient.getConversationWithQuery().


Basic getConversationById
    Conversation conversation = client.getConversationById(conversationId);
    assert (conversation.getMessages().size() > 0);
    ObjectDataSenderBuilder query = new ObjectDataSenderBuilder();
    query.addAttribute(ConversationAttributes.ID, conversationId);
    ObjectDataSenderBuilder messages = new ObjectDataSenderBuilder(ConversationChildren.MESSAGES.getLabel(), true);
    messages.addAttribute(BasicPaginationEnum.FIRST, 10);
    messages.addChild(new BasicCreatedByUpdatedByDataSenderBuilder(MessageChildren.CREATED_BY));
    messages.addChild(new BasicCreatedByUpdatedByDataSenderBuilder(MessageChildren.UPDATED_BY));

	Conversation conversation = client.getConversationWithQuery(new ConversationGraphQLQuery(query));


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