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The org.opencode4workspace.endpoints.FilePostToSpaceEndpoint is used to post a file to a Space and retrieve a FileResponse object corresponding to a successful posting.

The FilePostToSpaceEndpoint is instantiated, like the other endpoints, by passing in the WWClient for the request. The message is posted using the postFile(File file, String spaceId) method. There is an overloaded method applicable for posting images, postFile(File file, String spaceId, String imageSize). Alternatively, the WWClient.postFileToSpace(File file, String spaceId) and WWClient.postFileToSpace(File file, String spaceId, String imageSize) helper methods are available for easier use.

If the posting is successful, a FileResponse object is returned comprising the String id of the file, the String name of the file, the int size of the file in bytes, a Map of URLs for the file (metadata, no-redirect download, and redirect download), the Long created timestamp, the String id of the creator and the String contentType of the file.


File file = new File("C:/Temp/test.doc");
FileResponse response = client.postFileToSpace(file, spaceId);
assert (!"".equals(response.getName()));
assert (appId.equals(response.getCreatedBy()));
File photo = new File("C:/Temp/testPhoto.jpg");
FileResponse response = client.postFileToSpace(photo, spaceId, "50x50");
assert (!"".equals(response.getName()));
assert (appId.equals(response.getCreatedBy())) 




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