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The org.opencode4workspace.endpoints.FocusPostEndpoint is used to post text for Focus analysis and retrieve a List of Focus objects corresponding to the analyses.

The FocusEndpoint is instantiated, like the other endpoints, by passing in the WWClient for the request. The text string is posted using the postMessage(String text) method. Alternatively, the WWClient.postTextForFocusAnalysis(String text) helper method is available for easier use.

A List of Focus objects is returned. The applicationId and lensId are auto-generated. The focusVersion is defined by Watson Work Services. The lens identifies what was identified - an "ActionRequest", a "Question" or a "Commitment". The confidence is a number between 0 and 1 that identifies how certain Watson Work Services was in identifying the lens. The start and end are the indices of within the passed text that the phrase can be found. It seems that the lens always hashidden set to true.

@Test(enabled = true)
@Parameters({ "appId", "appSecret" })
public void postTestForFocus(String appId, String appSecret) throws UnsupportedEncodingException, WWException {
    String TEXT = "Hello, I think we need to reconsider. Let's add a meeting on Tuesday 13th March. Frank, what do you think?";
    WWClient client = WWClient.buildClientApplicationAccess(appId, appSecret, new WWAuthenticationEndpoint());
    assert !client.isAuthenticated();
    assert client.isAuthenticated();

    List<Focus> focuses = client.postTextForFocusAnalysis(TEXT);
    assert (focuses.size() == 3);
    assert (focuses.get(0).getLens().equals(Lens.ACTION_REQUEST));
    assert (focuses.get(2).getLens().equals(Lens.QUESTION));
    assert (38 == focuses.get(0).getEnd());
    assert (1.0 == focuses.get(1).getConfidence());


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