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So why should you use it?

  • The project is Apache licensed.
  • The project has a team of developers involved and a Slack channel on the OpenNTF Slack
  • It can be used directly from SSJS with as little a:

  • From SSJS all caught errors on the page are logged out together, at the end of the request. This means no duplicate messages logged for different XPages lifecycle phases.
  • Only two method names are used from SSJS, one to add an error, one to add an event, making it easy to pick up.
  • From SSJS you only need to pass the information you wish. There is no need to pass nulls or empty strings.
  • If you use a custom error page, all uncaught errors will also be logged.
  • Uncaught errors will be logged for the page the error occurs on, not your custom error page.
  • The database included in the project has full documentation of how to log errors. There is also a JavaDoc. The aim is for the documentation to be as good as possible.
  • You can define the OpenLog path and a variety of other variables without needing to change the code.
  • Those variables can be defined in on the NSF or the server. You can also define a backup in the notes.ini. If nothing is set defaults will be used.

If you want logging from a plugin or outside of XPages, I would recommend looking at the XLogback project (there is also a space in this Knowledge Base for the project).