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Not Recommended

This option is not the recommended approach. Where possible, you should use the OSGi plugin or OpenNTF Domino API implementations. This will make upgrading easier and minimise duplication of effort.


The Java classes and faces-config.xml code to enable the openLogBean managed bean and Phase Listener can be copied from the OpenLogJava.nsf demo and placed into an NSF.

  1. Add the src/com.paulwithers.openLog package to the WebContent/WEB-INF folder. The new hierarchy should be WebContent/WEB-INF/src/com.paulwithers.openLog.
  2. Add the XML for the Phase Listener and Managed Bean to your database's faces-config.xml, also in the WebContent/WEB-INF folder. Ensure it is outside the AUTOGEN section. Anything within that section gets removed when the NSF is built.
  3. Ensure the WebContent/src folder is added as a source folder, by right-clicking and selecting Build Path > Use as source folder.

You will then be ready to go.


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