Watson Work Services Java SDK

IBM Watson Work Services is a REST API to allow interaction with Watson Workspace and the underlying functionality. There are various endpoints as well as a GraphQL API for interrogating spaces, conversations, messages and members on Watson Workspace in an interactive manner returning tailored content.

For more information on Watson Work Services, see the documentation and the GraphiQL in-browser IDE for writing, validating and testing queries.

This documentation does not intend to cover any information about interacting with Watson Work Services via REST, whether that be directly from a browser, a REST client, the GraphiQL IDE, or manually constructing REST service requests in other languages.This documentation solely covers using the WWS Java SDK which provides Clients, Builders, Endpoints and Business Objects for the easy interaction with the Watson Work Services REST APIs from Java.

The recommended approach is to get the source code, but if you want the compiled jars as a project, they are on the OpenNTF project.

Maven Download

The compiled project is available on Maven Central


Source Code

The source code is available on OpenNTF's Stash, in this repository.


The latest Javadoc has been published.

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