Available since Beta-5

Use this strategy to reuse your existing java classes or to write specific methods/workflows/processes that SmartNSF does not provide..

Allowed method



router.GET('info') {
 strategy(CUSTOM) {


Your custom class has to implement CustomRestHandler interface.

package org.openntf.smartnsf;

import org.openntf.xrest.xsp.exec.Context;
import org.openntf.xrest.xsp.exec.CustomRestHandler;

import com.ibm.commons.util.io.json.JsonJavaObject;
import com.ibm.commons.util.io.json.util.JsonWriter;

public class MyRestHandler implements CustomRestHandler {

        public void processCall(Context context, String path) throws Exception {

                System.out.println("Was Called");
                JsonJavaObject result = new JsonJavaObject();
                result.put("test", "hello");
                JsonWriter jsw = new JsonWriter(context.getResponse().getWriter(),true);




Returned JSON depends on what your class returns.


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