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Quick Summary

Remote Services or RPC (Remote Procedure Call) allows you from Client-side JavaScript, to execute RPC functions that can trigger Server-side JavaScript or Java. You can also add a callback to the submission so that once it's complete, you can get a handle a on the result and continue processing your Client-side JavaScript code.

var myObject = myRPC.RPCFunctionName("param1");
myObject.addCallback( function(result) {
function SSJSFunctionName(param1){
	var result = param1 + " - Success";
	return result;

Detailed Overview

This is a video tutorial that shows you how to call Server-side JavaScript or Java from Client-side JavaScript using Remote Services. The beauty of using Remote Services is the ability to add a callback function, that allows you to continue operations in Client-side JavaScript once your Serve-side code has completed. You can even pass back a result from the backend to your Client-side code.

Step-by-step Guide

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