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Quick Summary

This article will show you how to create and run a simple view to excel export using POI4XPages, which is an OSGI Plugin that adds Apache POI support to your XPage Project.


  1. First you need to install POI4XPages plugin from OpenNTF to your server and client
    1. Note: An article for installing the POI4XPages OSGI Plugin will be coming soon
  2. Open up the database in Domino Designer that will be using POI
  3. Open "Xsp Properties" and click on the Page Generation tab

  4. Create a new XPage. You'll see the following controls in the Controls Palette

  5. Drag the simple View Export into you new Export XPage also create a button on your XPage

  6. Click on the button and create a simple action


  7. Select the sveId, you should find the ID of your simple Export control in the list.
  8. Select you export component and select “All properties”


  9. Add a downloadFileName with a name of you choice i.e export.xls
  10. set include header to tru if you want to export the view headers
  11. Set the view you want to export in the property view

Now you are ready to run the export. Try it by previewing the XPage

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